Analysis of AFL

Variance Semi- Explained

  1. More Data on fitzRoy - As featured on ABC

    Thanks to @fryziggg

  2. Getting player information

    Writing a function to get extra player information from footywire

  3. Purpose

    Reason for this part of blog

  4. Taking Home Charlie

    A fully reproducible Brownlow Model

  5. fitzRoy - 0.1.5 release

    New fitzRoy release!

  6. The Richmond Red Zone

    Saw a quote

  7. The Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design

    Learnings from Beautiful Evidence -Tufte

  8. Max Gawn a Brownlow Fancy

    Cleveland dot plots to compare

  9. Is There Another Way to Do Fantasy

    Is there?

  10. Plotting Background Data

    Example of plotting background data